Ryan Allen Designs is a website studio that focuses on creating accessible and unique wedding invitations, inspired by elegant and modern aesthetics.

Conceptualized and founded by married couple Ryan and Allen after their wedding in 2021.


It all started when the couple is deciding what to do for their wedding invitations. Aside from the regular event details, they wanted to make it more personal by sharing their love story, relationship milestones and interests as a couple.

Realizing all details they wanted to include, they decided to avert from the traditional paper and opt for a website to handle the complexities of their invitation. As a result, they came up with their wedding website that’s accessible, modern and unique.

Website as Wedding Invitation

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While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, we can’t blame you if you crave for something different and more. 

Website makes your invitation personal and special. Include anything you want, from old photos to prenup shoots, stories of how you met to proposal date, online RSVP to gift registry and more. In this digital age, the possibility is virtually endless. It is also easier for you to reach your guests anywhere in the world. Just send a link via email or social media and they can access your wedding invitation on their electronic devices. 


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